Ancient Methods

Ancient Methods

Originally an Industrial/Techno duo of Conrad Protzmann & Michael Wollenhaupt aka Baeks & Trias, it is now a one man project with Michael Wollenhaupt since Conrad Protzmann left.


Ancient Methods Discography Tracks

Singles & EPs

Ancient Methods First Method (EP) Ancient Methods Germany 2007 Sell This Version
Ancient Methods Second Method (EP) Ancient Methods Germany 2008 Sell This Version
Ancient Methods / Bjørn Svin, Karsten Pflum, Jonas Olesen, Copyflex Ancient Methods / Bjørn Svin, Karsten Pflum, Jonas Olesen, Copyflex - The Whip / Eat Like Hawks RSB UK 2009 Sell This Version
Ancient Methods Third Method (EP) Ancient Methods Germany 2009 Sell This Version
Ancient Methods Fourth Method (EP) Ancient Methods Germany 2009 Sell This Version
Ancient Methods Vs. Adam X Ancient Methods Vs. Adam X - Cardiac Dysrhythmia EP (EP) Sonic Groove US 2010 Sell This Version
Ancient Methods Fifth Method Ancient Methods Germany 2010 Sell This Version
Ancient Methods vs Kareem Ancient Methods vs Kareem - Exstinctio Conscientia Fondation Sonore France 2012 Sell This Version
Ancient Methods Seventh Seal (EP) Ancient Methods Germany 2013 Sell This Version
Ancient Methods × Black Egg (3) Ancient Methods × Black Egg (3) - The 'Ohne Hände' Remixes aufnahme + wiedergabe Germany 2014 Sell This Version
Ancient Methods Turn Ice Realities Into Fire Dreams Hands Productions Germany 2015 Sell This Version
Theologian / Ancient Methods Theologian / Ancient Methods - La Saignée (EP) Metaphysik Germany 2016 Sell This Version
Ancient Methods The First Siren (EP) Persephonic Sirens Germany 2017 Sell This Version
Vatican Shadow / Ancient Methods Vatican Shadow / Ancient Methods - Bunkerterror Hospital Productions US 2017 Sell This Version
Ancient Methods The Asking Breath Comes To Each (EP) Candela Rising UK 2017 Sell This Version


[a+w cd010] Ancient Methods A Collection Of Ancient Airs(CD, Comp, Ltd) aufnahme + wiedergabe [a+w cd010] Germany 2016 Sell This Version

DJ Mixes

none Ancient Methods Ssg Special - Handmade Blend Mix(File, MP3, Mixed, 320) mnml ssgs none Japan 2010
FACT 188 Ancient Methods FACT Mix 188(File, MP3, Mixed, 192) FACT Magazine FACT 188 UK 2010
Ancient Methods Ssg Special - Ancient Methods Presents 'Some Strings Attached' Mix mnml ssgs Japan 2011 Sell This Version
STJ 058 Ancient Methods Secret Thirteen Mix 058(File, MP3, Mixed, 320) Secret Thirteen Journal STJ 058 Lithuania 2013
INDUST007 Ancient Methods Exclusive Mixtape For Industrial Soundtrack For The Urban Decay(File, MP3, Mixed + CDr) Industrial Soundtrack For The Urban Decay INDUST007 Germany 2015 Sell This Version

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October 2, 2015


February 16, 2015
I bought mp3 versions of First to Sixth Method + Seventh Seal, queued them up back to back on my device and listened to them on headphones in one sitting. A punishing but ultimately character-building exercise!


October 19, 2014
Hi, I'm a fan from Iowa City, Iowa! Do you ever drop the Chandeen cover of Dead Can Dance - "In Power We Entrust the Love Advocated"? What are your thoughts on it? You have such excellent taste in records, and you've played (yay!) the LP cut of that DCD track. Much respect from the upper midwest USA!


March 6, 2010
Rather than doing a meticulous release by release review, I will drop by this little humble comment about this underground label, led by the duo Beeks and Trias, which has earned and cemented its reputation as a techno heavy weight force to be reckoned with.
In the words of a layman, this project is the equivalent of a finest music output I have listened to since the demise of British Murder Boys. Ancient Methods have this amazing style which takes the best of labels such as Counterbalance, Downwards, Sandwell District and, to hell with it, E-Com, and pours it all out into a melting pot, forging and churning out something completely new and unique - you guessed it - Ancient Methods.
An average track of theirs sounds like a combo between BMB's Learn Your Lesson and/or Be Like I Am, with a touch of Mulero's 91 61 91, distorted madness of Speedy J's Pannik and the ferocious rawness of Regis' Baptism. Punishing, opressive techno with strong industrial influences, striking a balance on each release between devastating four to the floor crunchers and off-beat, broken pseudo acoustic techno to challenge the mind. Naturally, eerie and spooky sounds and effects are sprayed all over the vinyls, and the recurring trend of using medival dungeon themes only adds to the prevalently opaque mood of the music. Lovely, gorgeous, and uhm, lovely!
The releases, unlike with many other labels, tend to get better as the catalogue number increases. The first and the second method are since long out of print, and can barely be found anywhere any longer four under twenty five euro, but the really indispensable gems are the last two. The third and the fourth method have built and elaborated upon the sheer brilliance of the previous two installments and the guys have really re-captured the essence of a sound many of us feared would never resurface to sound this great again.
Another thing to keep in mind is that each vinyl release of their is a colored, marbled piece of wax, looking cool enough that you'll be having second thoughts, asking yourself whether you should play the music until it wears out or should you frame the 12"? My releases all came in plain white sleeves, which were nothing to brag about, but the vinyl itself will strike your eye faster than you think.
The way things are going with this label, I would first and foremost recommend getting "Third method" and "Fourth method" before they run out of stock. As for the future, who knows what it will bring, but if the first four releases were this good, I am biting my finger nails in anxiety, impatient to hear what the fifth will sound like. For me, along with the acts like Silent Servant and Function, Ancient Methods is the act to follow!

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