DJ Distortion

Real Name:
George Ruseler
Together with MC R.A.W. the famous "Rotterdam Terror Corps"
He's also owner of the hardcore company Rige.


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April 11, 2007
edited over 14 years ago
Dj Distortion is a well known name in the scene for more than a decade now. Together with Mc Raw they played at a lot of gigs on several locations in the Netherlands. The turntable skills of Distortion (with all due respect) are very weak. It is only the quality of Mc Raw which made it a succes. Mc Raw with his very own, unique form of MC'ing perfectly hided distortion's mistakes and bad mixes.

In the late 90's when XSV (big dutch record label hosting KNOR and RUFFNECK etc, Records) went bankrupt George Russeler (Distortion) bought the regultations for the Ruffneck logo and decided to make some money out of it by selling them on T-Shirts and other merchandising.

This over-rated DJ is a shame for the scene.

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