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German orchestra founded in 1570 as court orchestra by Prince-Elector Joachim II of Brandenburg. The Staatskapelle Berlin is the orchestra of the Berlin State Opera (Opernhaus Unter den Linden).

Founded as the "Kurfürstliche Hofkapelle" (Electoral Court Ensemble), it became the "Königliche Kapelle" (Royal Ensemble) in 1701, the Kapelle Der Staatsoper Berlin (State Opera Orchestra) in 1919, the Staatskapelle (State Orchestra) in 1934, the Preußische Staatskapelle (Prussian State Orchestra) in 1944, and finally the "Staatskapelle Berlin" from 1945. It was the leading orchestra in East Berlin, firmly under German Democratic Republic government rule. In 1989, the members of the orchestra presented to the government a petition demanding the reorganization of the Staatskapelle as an independent, democratically run organization. This became part of the widespread public pressure that within months caused the collapse of the German communist state and the reunification of Germany.

Music Directors:
Johann Friedrich Agricola (1759-1775)
Johann Friedrich Reichardt (1775-1794 - Hofkapellmeister)
Bernhard Anselm Weber (1816-1820)
Gaspare Spontini (1820-1841)
Giacomo Meyerbeer (1842-1846)
Otto Nicolai (1848-1849)
Robert Radecke (1871-18- Hofkapellmeister)
Joseph Sucher (1888-1899 - conductor of Hofkapelle and Lindenoper)
Felix Weingartner (1891-1898)
Richard Strauss (1898-1913 - Principal Hofkapellmeister; continued to conduct symphonic concerts until 1920)
Leo Blech (1906-1913 - Hofkapellmeister; 1913-1920 - Generalmusikdirektor)
Erich Kleiber (1923-1934 - Generalmusikdirektor)
Clemens Krauss (1935-1936 - Generalmusikdirektor)
Herbert von Karajan (1938-1945 - Generalmusikdirektor)
Joseph Keilberth (1948-1951)
Erich Kleiber (1954-1955)
Franz Konwitschny (1955-1962)
Otmar Suitner (1964-1990)
Daniel Barenboim (1992-Present) , ,
Aliases:Das Orchester Der Staatsoper Berlin
Members:Alexander Kovalev (3), Alf Moser, Alfred Lipka, André Witzmann, Andreas Aigmüller, Andreas Greger, Andreas Lorenz, Axel Grüner, Axel Wilczok, Bernd Müller (7), Bernhard Günther, Bertrand Chatenet (2), Cellists Of The Staatskapelle Berlin, Christian Batzdorf, Christian Trompler, Christian Wagner (4), Christoph Anacker, Claire Sojung Henkel, Claudia Stein (2), Cristina Gómez Godoy
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