Bamberger Symphoniker

Real Name:Bamberger Symphoniker - Bayerische Staatsphilharmonie

Formed in 1946 from among the former members of the German Philharmonic of Prague, who were among the refugees of World War II.
Full name: Bamberger Symphoniker - Bayerische Staatsphilharmonie

Principal conductors:
Joseph Keilberth (1950 to 1968)
Eugen Jochum (1971 to 1973)
István Kertész (1973)
James Loughran (1978 to 1983)
Horst Stein (1985 to 1996)
Jonathan Nott (2000 to 2016)
Jakub Hrůša (since 2016)

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Members:Achim Melzer, Albrecht Mayer, Alexander Barantschik, Andreas Hartogs, Andrey Godik, Angelos Kritikos, Anne Solveig Weber, Anton Weigert, Armin Rosin, Barbara Bode, Berthold Opower, Big Band & Chorus of the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra, Carl Lenthe, Chamber Ensemble Of The Bamberg Symphony Orchestra, Christoph Eß, Claus Klein, Clifford Lantaff, Dag Jensen, Daisuke Mogi, Daniela Koch
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