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The group Genocide Organ joined forces in 1985. Their live performances are rare, involving metal junk and blow torches to build a wall of industrial noise.
Genocide Organ members are wrapped in mystery, the real names are unknown, during their live performances they are used to wearing masks and hoods to hide their identities. Records are credited to the pseudonyms of Wilhelm Herich, Doc M. Riot and D.A.X. Roland Freisler (now active as Diutesc) was one of the two live frontmen together with Wilhelm Herich; in the band since 1989, he left the band in 1999 and his role has been taken by Brigant Moloch of Anenzephalia.

Another member of the band was Ray Treatment who was in the band from 1986-1987.

Members:Brigant Moloch, D.A.X., Doc M. Riot, Roland Freisler, Wilhelm Herich
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