Richard Ramirez

Real Name:Richard Ramirez

American (openly gay) experimental/harsh noise artist originally from Houston, Texas but now based in Pennsylvania. Began his experimental/noise work in 1989. Founder of Black Leather Jesus, Deadline Recordings , Next Halloween, & Dead Audio Tapes. Works in many projects and with collaborators. In the past has worked/collaborated with Kapotte Muziek, The Haters/G.X. Jupitter-Larsen, Merzbow, Richard Rupenus (The New Blockaders/NAG), MSBR, Thurston Moore, Con-Dom, Smell & Quim, Macronympha, Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, Astro, Cock ESP, Guilty Connector, Skin Crime, Government Alpha, Prurient, The Rita, Vomir, and others. Ramirez-Matzus has toured/performed in Japan, Europe, Canada, Mexico, and the U.S.

Ramirez has also performed in The Haters. The Haters are Ramirez' biggest influence.

Ramirez was the co-organizer of the festivals: Dead Audio Music Festival and Eyes Behind the Wall. EBTW was the first HNW (harsh noise wall) festival created. Sean E. Ramirez-Matzus was the co-organizer of these events.

He is an "avant-garde" fashion designer (Richard Saenz).

Richard Ramirez was in fact his legal name, by birth.

Ramirez is married to noise artist, Sean Matzus

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Aliases:265 Bowery, 5 Women For The Killer, A Lizard In A Woman's Skin, AAAL, Autopsy Experiment, Bilek, Blackout Order, Blonde Kwaidan, Blood Song, Blood-Stained Lips, Smell Of Blood, Boudoir Philosophy, Brides Of Blood, Childhood Of Ejaculation, Christ Is Black Death, Commando Lodge, Comme, Controlled Filter, Crash At Every Speed, Death At The Deep End Of The Swimming Pool, Death Of A Minor
In Groups:[Untitled], 12Yr Old Proud Parent, à Venezia, Adipocere, Adult Crash Unit, All Of Them Witches (2), An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter, Anal Drill, Anal Sex Mafia, Anatomy Of A Blackout, Anonymous Filth, Are The Volcanoes Still Active?, Baptist Skin Communiti, Battery Suspects, Bestand Aus Kleinen, Bill Skins Fifth, Black Day for the Ram, Black Leather Jesus, Black On Black (4), Black Orgasm
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