Yuko Nexus6

Real Name:
Yuko Kitamura
Yuko Nexus6 was born in Itami, Hyogo prefecture, Japan, in 1964. Today, she is a journalist, a composer of electronic music and a part time lecturer at the Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences, in the department of media and visual arts. Yuko Nexus6 is also an activist, participating in the Women's Performance <a href="http://www.womens-performance-art-osaka.jp">Art Osaka Festival</a> in Osaka once every two years. She has also been a member of the Personal Music Party collective since 1998, doubtlessly one of the most interesting artistic communities around today that seeks to bridge the gap between actor and spectator. Yuko Nexus6 is a banpaku-kid, a child of the Universal Exposition generation of Osaka 1970. In 1970, when Yuko was 5 years old, her parents brought her along 5 times to see the Expo. This futurist display exhibited in Osaka remains inscribed in her memory as a witness to a future both technological and happy. Psychedelic fashion, exuberant architecture and electronic music offered a vision of the future that was both optimistic and comfortable. In the years that followed in Japan, all of the technologies that came after this fair of the ultra-modern had the strong taste of déjà-vu. Today, these young people, now adults, question this technology that has penetrated the most intimate aspects of their life: where is the happiness, or the radiant joy emanating from the technological promise made 30 years ago?
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