Rob Davis

Real Name:Robert Berkeley Davis

British songwriter - guitarist - producer - remixer - engineer. IPI: 00121958575
Born on 1 October 1947 in Carshalton, Surrey, England, UK. When Mickey Most introduced Mud (in which he was lead guitarist) to his proteges Chinn And Chapman the group achieved a succession of hits in the 70's but at the end of the decade they couldn't find the success of the glam rock days. Davis joined Darts replacing guitarist George Currie up until 1982. Then he tried to set up a writing and producing duo with George Stanley Alexander that had some results especially with the disco group Liquid Gold in 1983 - 1984. The success of "What She's Got" in the U.S. was a very good motive for Davis to change his music direction to pop and dance music. In 1988 he met Paul Oakenfold and teamed with him in a successful series of dance anthems. He co-write Spiller's smash "Groove Jet ((If This Ain't Love)", Kylie Minogue's universal hit "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" and a long series of songs for MIKA (8), Atomic Kitten, Oliver Cheatham, Grace, Lisa B etc. , Wikipedia ,
Aliases:'R' Babe, Roly Davis, The Project Club
In Groups:B-Real (3), Breakneck (2), C.A.D, Darts, Golden, Movement 98, Mud, Roly (3), Roy Peters And Friends, Stuntmasterz, Sweet Connection (2), Tak Tix, The Escort Agency, The Speech, Young Guns
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