Real Name:Joshua M. Garrett

JGarrett is the primary music project from Vancouver-based musician and producer Josh Garrett. A native of Ann Arbor, MI, with deep family roots in Detroit, Josh came to techno and house within the shadow of the Motor City and with direct involvement in the Detroit techno and rave communities of the ‘90s. In 2000, Josh relocated to Vancouver and over the years has become an integral member of the Vancouver techno community, from running the well-respected label Subspec Music as well as a key member of the Proper Event Productions crew.

JGarrett original and remix material has appeared on Perc Trax, Gobsmacked, Dirty Minds, Advanced (Black), Smashead, SubSensory, and many other labels. Josh has a foot in Detroit and industrial techno camps and his varied and open approach to his sound has won support across the techno continuum... receiving play from notable artists such as Dax J, Perc, Electric Indigo, Rebekah, Dave Clarke, Mørbeck, among others.

JGarrett’s performances generally focus on his ever-evolving live p.a., which is based around creating on-the-fly reworks and recombinations of his studio material wherein no set list is ever repeated. Active since 1995. Founder of Xynthetic Netlabel and Subspec Music. , Soundcloud
Aliases:Countered, Linoleum Head, Xyn
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