Seeed is a German reggae/dancehall band from Berlin.

Since their origin in 1998 in Berlin, Seeed have become one of the most famous reggae/dancehall bands besides Gentleman not only in Germany but in complete Europe.

They consist of eleven band members, including three singers, a horn section and a DJ.
Over the years, they have worked with several well-known Jamaican artists like Elephant Man, Tanya Stephens, General Degree, Black Kappa, Anthony B and more.

After their first smash hit "Dickes B", a declaration of love to Berlin, in the year 2000, they released their first full length album a few months later in 2001: "New Dubby Conquerors".
It was an incredible success, and since their second album "Music Monks" (they released 2 different versions of it: a national version with german lyrics and an international version with english lyrics), they definitely belong to the most important reggae-artists worldwide and are well-known not only in most parts of Europe but also in Jamaica.

-They won 3 Echo Awards
-They were the first german band with a hit in Trinidad & Tobago (Waterpumpee & the Doctor's Darling-Riddim)
-They played at the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup 2006 in Munich with over 1.500.000.000 people
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Members:Alfi Trowers, Demba Nabé, Frank Dellé, Jérôme Bugnon, Luke 4000, Moritz Schumacher, Pierre Baigorry, Rüdiger Kusserow, Sebastian Krajewski, Tobias Cordes, Torsten Reibold, Vincent Graf von Schlippenbach
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