Real Name:
Farid Ali
"Farid Ali is the best DJ in the world," says Eric Hilton of Thievery Corporation. "His feel for and knowledge of music, his taste, timing, and mixing ability are all uncanny."

Of course, Farid and Eric have been good friends for over ten years but his claims are still quite valid. Farid has been the head resident at ESL since the club opened in 1995 and he's been creating amazing sonic soundscapes ever since. Farid has two excellent 12" records entitled Crowd Control and Dealer's Choice on ESL Music and Main Ingredient on Rhythm & Culture Recordings.

Farid is also an accomplished house dj and is directly responsible for the success of ESL - affiliated club, Red. With DJs like 95 North, Tony Humphries, Thomas Blondet, Basement Boys, and Sam "The Man" Burns, Farid created a vibrant scene for high quality, underground house music.
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