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TREAT or "THE TREAT" as they called themselves at first was formed by Robert Ernlund (vocals), Anders "Gary" Wikström (guitar) and Leif "Lillen" Liljegren (guitar) in Stockholm, Sweden in 1982, but they had all been playing together since early 1981 in The Boys (14), a more straight ahead rock band who sang in Swedish only and recorded one album.

Well... It all actually begun back in 1977 when Ernlund fronted his big brother Göran's band "Sprängdeg" a rock'n'roll act that never recorded anything but played a whole lot of live gigs in and around the Stockholm area. Liljegren, who played with Heavy Load (2) for a couple of months, joined them in late 1980 and the above mentioned members became "The Boys" who later went on to record a demo tape as "THE TREAT" which by the way got turned down by every single label they sent it to in late 1982.

It wasn't until drummer Mats "Dalton" Dahlberg (ex-Highbrow, Power (7)) joined the guys in the summer of 1983 that things started to happen. Dalton had some contacts within Swedish Polygram who at the time was looking for a new Swedish hard rock band to sign. At the same time, bass player Tomas Lind joined The Treat and the five of them began to record new demo songs together in the Polygram studio. They all said in early interviews that they were influenced by bands such as Journey, Foreigner, Def Leppard, Boston, KISS, Whitesnake and Van Halen.

Lind left the band in early 1984 and he was replaced by Kenneth Sivertsson, a 25 year old bassist who before had played with Factory, a pop band that sang in Swedish and had a couple of really big hits between 1978-81 (I'm sure that many Swedes still remember "Efter Plugget"). They changed their name from "The Treat" to simply just "Treat" and the first single "Too Wild" was released back in May 1984.

They toured all over Sweden in the summer of 1985 and everything seemed to be hunky-dory in the Treat camp, before "disaster" struck down without a warning. Drummer Mats "Dalton" Dahlberg suddenly left the band without a notice or explanation in August 1985! He later formed his own band Dalton (6) who released two pretty good melodic albums (THE RACE IS ON - 1987 & INJECTION -1989) which had songs co-written by both Jon Bon Jovi & Michael Bolton etc. The new drummer Leif Sundin, who had his roots in jazz music and whose father was a well known jazz musician in Sweden, was maybe a strange choice for a hard rock band even if Sundin played with Six Feet Under (2) for a while! Things did not work out with Leif Sundin and he left (or got fired from?) the band in August 1986. His replacement Jamie Borger was yet another ex-Six Feet Under (2) drummer (popular band huh?) who also played with Capricorn (16) (with Mats Leven as vocalist) and SWEDISH BEAUTY (who later became Swedish Erotica) in the past.

DREAMHUNTER (1987) may be the album everybody talks about when it comes to Treat, as its reputation and the fact that the original CD is very rare (it has been re-released now though), makes this is a collectors item for melodic fans. But...maybe its reputation is better than the album itself?
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824-353-1 Treat (2) - Scratch And Bite album art Treat (2) Scratch And Bite (Album) Mercury, Phonogram 824-353-1 Australasia 1985 Sell This Version
826 918-4 Treat (2) - The Pleasure Principle album art Treat (2) The Pleasure Principle (Album) Mercury 826 918-4 Scandinavia 1986 Sell This Version
832 960-4 Treat (2) - Dreamhunter album art Treat (2) Dreamhunter (Album) Mercury 832 960-4 Netherlands 1987 Sell This Version
838 929-2 Treat (2) - Organized Crime album art Treat (2) Organized Crime (Album) Vertigo 838 929-2 Europe 1989 Sell This Version
512 818-4 Treat (2) - Treat album art Treat (2) Treat (Album) Vertigo 512 818-4 Europe 1992 Sell This Version
CD 10-DD804 Treat (2) - Coup De Grace album art Treat (2) Coup De Grace (Album) Universal Music AB CD 10-DD804 Russia 2010 Sell This Version
KICP-1759 Treat (2) - Ghost Of Graceland album art Treat (2) Ghost Of Graceland (Album) Frontiers Music SRL KICP-1759 Japan 2016 Sell This Version
FR CDVD 786 Treat (2) - The Road More Or Less Traveled  album art Treat (2) The Road More Or Less Traveled Frontiers Music SRL FR CDVD 786 Italy 2017 Sell This Version
FR LP 881 Treat (2) - Tunguska album art Treat (2) Tunguska (Album) Frontiers Music SRL FR LP 881 Europe 2018 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

818 906-7 Treat (2) - Too Wild album art Treat (2) Too Wild (Maxi) Mercury 818 906-7 Sweden 1984 Sell This Version
880 272-1 Treat (2) - You Got Me album art Treat (2) You Got Me (Maxi) Mercury 880 272-1 Sweden 1984 Sell This Version
880 803-7 Treat (2) - Get You On The Run album art Treat (2) Get You On The Run (Single) Mercury, Mercury 880 803-7 Sweden 1985 Sell This Version
884 375-1 Treat (2) - Ride Me High album art Treat (2) Ride Me High (Single, Maxi) Mercury 884 375-1 Scandinavia 1985 Sell This Version
880 577-7 Treat (2) - We Are One album art Treat (2) We Are One Mercury 880 577-7 Europe 1985 Sell This Version
888 062-7 Treat (2) - Rev It Up album art Treat (2) Rev It Up (Single, EP) Mercury 888 062-7 Europe 1986 Sell This Version
TREAT 100 Treat (2) - Strike Without Warning album art Treat (2) Strike Without Warning(12", Maxi, Promo) Phonogram, Vertigo TREAT 100 UK 1986 Sell This Version
884 839-7 Treat (2) - Waiting Game album art Treat (2) Waiting Game(7") Mercury 884 839-7 Sweden 1986 Sell This Version
870 568-7 Treat (2) - Best Of Me album art Treat (2) Best Of Me (Single) Mercury 870 568-7 Sweden 1987 Sell This Version
888 946-7 Treat (2) - You're The One I Want album art Treat (2) You're The One I Want(7", Single) Mercury 888 946-7 Sweden 1987 Sell This Version
DREAM 1 Treat (2) - World Of Promises album art Treat (2) World Of Promises (Single, EP) Mercury DREAM 1 Sweden 1988 Sell This Version
TRTDJ 112 Treat (2) - Ready For The Taking album art Treat (2) Ready For The Taking (Single) Vertigo TRTDJ 112 UK 1989 Sell This Version
PPDS-24 Treat (2) - Party All Over album art Treat (2) = トリート* Treat (2) = トリート* - Party All Over (Single) Mercury PPDS-24 Japan 1989 Sell This Version
864 301-2 Treat (2) - Bangin' On Your Door album art Treat (2) Bangin' On Your Door (Maxi) Vertigo 864 301-2 Germany 1992 Sell This Version
864 690-7 Treat (2) - Learn To Fly album art Treat (2) Learn To Fly (Maxi) Vertigo 864 690-7 Europe 1992 Sell This Version
none Treat (2) - I Burn For You album art Treat (2) I Burn For You(CDr, Single, Promo) Universal, Epicircus Music none Sweden 2006 Sell This Version