Chorus Of French Radio

French chorus founded 1947 from "Choeur Félix Raugel" (Choeur symphonique) and "Choeur Yvonne Gouverné" (Choeur lyrique) and now run by French broadcasting service Radio France.

1947-1963 - Choeurs de la radiodiffusion-télévision française or Choeur de la RTF, conducted by chorusmaster René Alix (1947-1963).

1964-1974 - Renamed Choeurs de l'office de la radiodiffusion-télévision française or Choeurs de l'ORTF, conducted by chorusmaster René Alix (1964-1966) then Marcel Couraud (1967-1974).

1975- - Renamed Choeurs/Choeur/Le choeur de Radio France or Radio-France, conducted by chorusmaster Marcel Couraud (1975-1977), Jacques Jouineau (1977-1986), Michel Tranchant (1986-1991), François Polgár (1991-2000), Philip White (3) (2001-2004).
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