Dirk Karpenkiel

Dirk Karpenkiel

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Dirk Karpenkiel
Dirk was born in Krefeld in the lower rhine area near Düsseldorf (Germany). His father, and the twin brother of his father, were also musicians in the 60ties & 70ties. Dirk was for example growing up in the "Guru Guru Haus" very deep in the Odenwald (Odin Woods) near Heidelberg for some years, getting in contact with all kind of instruments, crazy freaks, krautrock & thick air from a lot of smoke ! At one gig of the band Guru Guru, he was even Elektrolurch ! Maybe you know what Elektrolurch is. He fell to the ground because of a cable, and people had fun, but this is another story...

Nowadays he is putting out music under the pseudonyms Amp-err, Pndk12770 & Van Kraut. He is releasing his music on his own label Aggregat Records with the sublabel Jedentag Musik. The music is more or less to put in the Electronic Genre (Electro, House, Techno, Minimal, TripHop, New Wave, etc.).
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Dynamic Duo (9) Dynamic Duo (9) - Back To The Basix (Maxi) Rough Trade Germany Germany 1995 Sell This Version