Steve Allen (11)

Steve Allen spent the Wonder years along with Ron Flynt in Tulsa (Oklahoma) - "Dwight Twilley and Phil Seymour went to the rival high school" - playing guitar and working in whatever clubs he could lie his age into. "20/20 ? It was perfect, we're all 20!". Steve Allen moved first to Los Angeles to pursue a record contract, following the example of Tulsans Dwight Twilley and Phil Seymour, who had just scored a hit in 1975 with "I'm On Fire." By the time Steve Allen got a record deal with Bomp Records, Ron Flynt had arrived in Los Angeles too and with the help of Phil Seymour, they went to play on what became the "Giving It All / Under The Freeway" single. Then, Steve and Ron met an ex-Buffalo lad; Michael Gallo, 20/20's resident pop music expert. Once Michael told them he had never played in a band before, though he played drums for 8 years, he was asked to audition for the drum slot. "He was amazing," excludes Ron, "but then again, he had been sitting up in his room 10 hours day with headphones on drumming to Move, Small Faces, Easybeats, Beatles, Who, name it, he's got it! Mike's freshness gave 20/20 this buzzz like you've never felt. Mike was really the lightning rod in creating and promoting 20/20. The band was officially christened 20/20.
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