Robert Armani

Real Name:
Robert Woods
American DJ and producer, born 6 August 1970 in Chicago.

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November 29, 2018
Without a doubt here in the US we <3 Mr Robert Armani!!!!


January 21, 2017
whenever an ambulance goes past me with a siren on in london i think of Robert Armani and i start humming to my self AMBULANCE!!


November 11, 2005
edited over 13 years ago
For me Robert Armani is Chicago and Chicago is Robert Armani.
He is the true king of the 909 and the main man behind the entire jump and hardstyle techno scene. Over the years the man made one classic after the next: Ambulance, Hit Hard, Remote Control, Road Tour, Chicago Calling, Burn Out, Grind, Circus Bells,... But on every record he makes you can find abominations as well like: Dusted Dancefloor, Fire Alarm, Watch It, Scrabble,...
A lot of people also tend to forget that Robert Armani is very skilled at using the 303.
I've met a lot of dj's and artists over the years and it is very strange to say but nobody likes Robert Armani, they either love his records or they hate them, nothing in between. I for one love his style no matter how many cheap and irritating tracks he made/ makes, he still remains my God for all of those anthems you hear at clubs and parties.

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