Insane Clown Posse


Commonly known as ICP.
A multi-platinum selling rap group formed in 1989 in Southwest Detroit, Michigan known for their violent lyrics and elaborate live shows. Originally formed under the name "Inner City Posse", they were forced to change it after various conflicts with local gangs for releasing tracks claiming they "ran Detroit". They wanted to keep the brand recognition of the initials "ICP" and while they tried to come up with a new name, they played a few shows with a carnival type theme for which the 3 rappers happened to paint their faces like clowns and their fans loved it. The shows were so successful that they decided to keep the face paint and change the group's name to Insane Clown Posse.

During the first 3 decades or so of their career, which even included a very brief glimmer of mainstream success in the early 2000's, they've been "The Most Hated Band in the World." Recently they've received more acceptance. , Wikipedia , Facebook , X
Aliases:Bloody Brothers, Inner City Posse, JJ Boys
Members:Greez-E, Joey Utsler, John Kickjazz, Joseph Bruce
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