Roger Joseph Manning Jr.

Real Name:Roger Joseph Manning, Jr.

American keyboardist, vocalist and guitarist, born 27 May 1966
Co-founded the bands Jellyfish (2), the The Moog Cookbook, and Imperial Drag. He has also spent several years as a member of Beck's backing band, contributed to several recordings by the band AIR, and toured or recorded with acts such as Jay-Z, Blink-182, and Johnny Cash.
In 2005, he released his first solo record, Roger Joseph Manning Jr. - Solid State Warrior, followed with Malibu - Robo-Sapiens (2007), Roger Joseph Manning Jr. - Catnip Dynamite (2008), and Roger Joseph Manning Jr. - Glamping (2018).
He is usually credited by his full name to avoid confusion with the folk musician Roger Manning.

Sites:Instagram , , , Facebook , MySpace , Wikipedia
Aliases:Malibu, Uli Nomi
In Groups:Beatnik Beatch, Imperial Drag, Infant Sorrow, Jellyfish (2), The Lickerish Quartet, The Moog Cookbook, TV Eyes (2)


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