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Since its founding in 1999 Quatuor Bozzini has distinguished itself — through its specific, carefully considered repertoire and distinct style of playing — within the historically rich creative landscape of string quartet performance, past and present. At the same time it is an utterly contemporary new music ensemble that makes its home within an extremely vibrant new music scene, Montréal — a community that it interacts with and contributes to in a constructive and productive way. Admired as a group that “gets its teeth into the music, and plays with irresistible passion” (Irish Times), Quatuor Bozzini is driven by its belief in the music it performs: that it is culturally and socially important and that it matters. While it presents an extremely diverse body of work, it never does so from an uncritical, egalitarian point of view. Its programming seeks to engender productive conversation between strong (if sometimes subtle) creative voices, regardless of their current notoriety or popularity. To date, the group has commissioned over forty works, and premiered more than a hundred, with a repertoire of more than a hundred composers. , Facebook
Members:Alissa Cheung, Clemens Merkel, Geneviève Beaudry, Isabelle Bozzini, Mira Benjamin, Nadia Francavilla, Stéphanie Bozzini
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