Python (2)

Python (2)

Real Name:Yuriy Kolomiytsev, Alexei Samotarev and Eugeniy Litovchenko.

Python is a trio based in Rostov-on-Don (Russia). It was formed in 1998. Members are Yura Kolomiytsev,Alexei Samotarev (aka DJ Samotarev) and Eugeniy Litovchenko.

At first, the project worked in house and break beat styles, their tracks appeared on many Russian compilations.Since 2002, the Python project has moved into Tech-House, Progressive, and Electro, and by 2004 they released their first album "DeePressure"

The Python project has now progressed to create a stunning new live act with inclusion of live bass guitar, violin and percussion.

In 2006 they started label called Carica Records. Main aim of this label is to release quality progressive music from different parts of the world. Also Carica has 3 sublabels Revelation Records, Carica Limited and X-pand Audio, focused on trance, electro and techno music.

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Members:Samotarev, Yura Kolomiytsev


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