Top Buzz MegaCity

October 30, 2017
edited about 1 year ago
These guys are my heroes. The essence of early 90's rave. There'll never be another like Top Buzz.

Top Buzz merrimaker9

August 23, 2014
Top buzz between 91 to early 94 when they 1st split as both djs were more into house and garage and pat thought house was for fags, but if you were in 92/93 your no they were the stars every one loved topbuzz. ,

Top Buzz as reviewed by langster

February 15, 2005
edited over 13 years ago
Top Buzz were without question one of the most influential acts of the early 90's rave scene. They actually coined the phrase and genre "Jungle Techno". It states clearly on the 2x10" Living In Darkness cover "Creation" "Jungle Techno Our Word" "Jungle Techno Our World"

They consisted of three people and often referred to themselves as "Two Blacks and a Bubble" Bubble meaning Bubble and Squeak the cockney rhyming slang for Greek. These avid Tottenham Hotspur supporters still tour the country today playing both oldskool and new style sets. Living In Darkness and the subsequent remixes are timeless Hardcore Jungle anthems and still raise the roof today. Their sets have all become legendary and in truth they never let the crowd down, although MC Mad P occasionally went off on one at the crowd as as the height of their fame the crowd would often constantly try to chant his lyrics louder than him and pester him while he was working. Top Buzz will go down in history for playing some of the best sets and appearing at some of the best events throughout the 90's. What more can anyone say about these boys except if you missed them then you can only say you missed out. Respect to the Top Buzz crew and may they continue to rock the crowd for many years to come.

Top Buzz as reviewed by AtomicCow

March 8, 2003
Much more famous for their sets at raves in the early 90's. Top Buzz were fronted Mad P who would spit out ragga rhymes and had two dj's (though not always at the same time). They would always play the most underground tunes, very dark too. "Are you really ready for some Jungle Tekno".

Top Buzz bigphattone

August 30, 2017
are you ready for some jungle tekno are you ready for some ultimate bad boy. oh yes iam. that summertime fantazia set from 1992 alone is dark buzz was just on another level to anything else out there at that time.