The Marvelettes


The Marvelettes were an American girl group in the Motown roster, active primarily in the 1960's. They are most notable for their 1961 smash hit "Please Mr. Postman" which set the precedent for later Motown girl groups and helped pave the way for Motown's later success. The group disbanded in 1970.

Line-Up Chronology
Wanda Young Rogers (1961-1970)
Katherine Anderson (1961-1970)
Georgia Dobbins (1961)
Wyanetta Cowart (1961-1963)
Georgeanna Tillman (1961-1965)
Gladys Horton (1961-1967)
Anne Bogan (1967-1970)

In 1962 Supreme Florence Ballard temporarily toured with The Marvelettes to fill in for Wanda Young who was pregnant at the time.

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Aliases:The Darnells
Members:Ann Bogan, Florence Ballard, Georgeanna Tillman, Georgia Dobbins, Gladys Horton, Katherine Anderson, Tina Moore (4), Wanda Young, Wyanetta Cowart
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