Mirko Luković

Real Name:
Mirko Luković
Mirko Luković was born on July 5 1981 in Belgrade.
Artist, sound designer, producer, writer.
Zodiac: cancer, ascendant in scorpio.

Prior to his music career Mirko played for Partizan and Radnički basketball clubs.
Dunked his first basketball at the age of 12 and just a few years later won the Serbian and Yugoslav junior championships.
Graduated from 5th Belgrade gymnasium, social studies.
At that time, he wrote as an associate of the high school paper Virus.

Began pursuing music by playing guitar and writing songs.
Member of the ska punk band Samostalni referenti as guitarist and backing vocalist.
Founding member of the progressive crossover band RARE.

RARE’s career start and presentation to a broader public came after the victory in the 2000 Urban demo fest, in a competition of 137 bands that applied from all parts of the then Yugoslavia.

Mirko has released two studio albums with RARE - Breathing and Joyz, made 6 videos, held over 100 concerts all over Serbia and the region and gave hundreds of TV, radio and newspaper interviews. He performed at the biggest Serbian music festivals (Exit, Beer fest) and shared the stage with the most popular bands in the country.

Besides the role of singer and front man, he wrote the lyrics for all of his songs, also collaborating as lyricist on albums by various authors writing both in Serbian and English. The band’s second album (2006) marked his debut as producer. At the sametime, he collaborated with Ana Stanić, Madame Piano and Aleksandra Kovač.

During his musical career, he drifted into applied music and assumed a role in composing and producing musical themes for TV shows (Mile vs. transition), as well as numerous TV and radio commercials, collaborating with clients such as MT:S, Bitef, Banca Intesa, Coca Cola, Bambi, Sinalco, Nestle etc.
Tried his hand at acting, appearing in several TV commercials, which is something he plans on continuing to do in the future.

Composed and produced music for fashion shows, performances, video games.
As ambassador of the sports brand Puma he, along with his team, designed one of a kind sneakers under the titles Bass Cat and Alive.

Currently working on several different projects.
In constant search for new challenges.
Enjoys working with new authors, as well as sharing experiences with those who already rule the stage.

Advanced student at the Academy of Arts, Department for Sound Design and Music Production.
Plays guitar, bass, percussions and likes to think he can play the drums J
As founder and owner of the HUSKEE music studio, Mirko lives and works in Belgrade.
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