Prince Nico Mbarga

Real Name:
Nicolas Mbarga
Born in Nigeria, January 1st, 1950, died June 24th 1997
Parents from Nigeria & Cameroon.
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April 30, 2016
Prince Nico Mbarga will be in the memory of all those who have heard and listen to his music.He's not only known in Africa but the world at large.Just for one particular music "sweet mother".This song has eaten into the fibre of the whole world culture system. Sweet mother, not the rhythm but the very words the song carries:It's a genuine sharing of heart of a person who draws back to his childhood experiences with his mother.If mankind would cast their mind back to their childhood days with their parents, we will treat them with certain sincere respect and honour.Sweet mother has been given various renditions and versions in different languages all over the world.Infact if there's a song that will continue from generation to generation making Africa proud of its culture, then it is Prince Nico's 'sweet mother'.I'll like to add that just one aspect of your effort from your tallent can shoot you to fame forever.If Prince Nico wouldn't have been recognised to fame of any of his songs at all, his "sweet mother" has shot him to an international fame.And him singing the song in the Nigerian lingua franca pidgin English, is a thrill for many to listen to the song.It is very interesting how people could frame their own style of English to suit their culture.His song makes many people search about the pidgin English of Nigeria and it's origin and development.

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