Fabrizio é Marco

Real Name:Fabrizio Cardelloni, Michael Axmann

Fabrizio é Marco is an Austrian Duo of DJ Fabrizio Cardelloni and vocalist Marco Marello (Michael Axmann). They started off in 2004. Their first song was a cover version of "When the rain begins to fall", followed by "You are", both released on compilations. In 2007, they released their first own single called "Call it love". From this moment on, they have remixed many known dance songs and Marco was asked to sing for other DJs like DJ Sanny J and DJ Torny. Their second single "Fly away" was released in february 2008 and is split in two different editions, a Hands Up & Electro edition and an Italo Edition.

Sites:Lastfm , MySpace
Members:Fabrizio Cardelloni, Marco Marello
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