The Floaters


Soul band.

The Floaters Formed in 1976, Detroit, Michigan, U.S. by James Mitchell (2) and Marvin Willis, two members of the Detroit Emeralds.
The original line-up comprised of Larry Cunningham (Cancer, tenor vocals), James' brother Paul Mitchell (Leo, baritone vocals), Ralph Mitchell - not related (Aquarius, tenor vocals) and lead singer Charles Clark (Libra, tenor vocals). Larry Cunningham died January 10, 2019, age 67. Paul Mitchell died December 20, 2021.
Enjoyed their only major success with the 1977 single Float On. With a few changes in the line-up they have remained active in the 1980's and 1990's. , Wikipedia , , , Imdb
Members:Charles Clark (2), Larry Cunningham, Paul Mitchell (2), Ralph Mitchell
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