Real Name:Boris Otterdam

Noistruct is the primary project of veteran West Australian born electronic producer, promoter and former radio show host Boris Otterdam. Producing mostly dark and abrasive electronic styles such as breakcore, IDM, industrial hardcore, d-jungle, abstract hip hop and dark drum n bass.

This project began in early 2002 and as time went on expanded to a more digitally produced, hardcore techno, digital hardcore, broken beat and breakcore influenced style.

During his stint as Noistruct, Boris Otterdam helped to begin the first (and only) breakcore scene in Perth in the early 2000s as well as co-found the label 8-Bit Recordings in 2003 and went on to become a prominent and prolific promoter and contributor to the Australian Breakcore/Hardcore Scene in Melbourne for the next 9 years which included organizing national tours for international breakcore producers and local noise artists.

Under his Noistruct alias he has released over 90 albums, singles, EPS and compilations on cassette, CD, vinyl and digital on various labels and has played with some of the biggest names in dark electronic music. Due to his contributions to the Australian underground electronic music scene he has had both digital and vinyl albums preserved and archived in the Australian National Music Library Archive and The New Zealand National Digital Music Archive as of 2007. After years of shows as a promoter, producer, and occasionally disc jockey/radio host he relocated to Brisbane in January 2014, and started the Australian independent record label "ENDE Records" having his last live show for the Australian breakcore scene in Lithgow NSW on New Years Eve 2017.

He is widely recognized as one of the earliest breakcore producers in Western Australia and a pioneer of the West Australian Breakcore and Underground Electronic Music Scene.

In 2020 he moved back to Western Australia where he was permanently archived and recognized for his contributions to West Australian Music in the West Australian Music Archive at The State Library of Western Australia. His studio/office is currently located in Perth, Western Australia to where he continues to run ENDE Records as well as produce, promote and release music when not DJing and curating the AFTER MIDNIGHT Livestreaming Festival.

Sites:Facebook , Bandcamp , Instagram , Bandcamp , Soundcloud , Mixcloud
Aliases:Basic Bitch, Boris Otterdam, Chiprat, Crohn, Deceased Estate, DJ Low Turnout, DJ Reacharound, Holt (2), Mandark (2), Midusa, Notex, Seroquelle, Teen Laqueefa, The Wreckener
In Groups:Devastis
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