Real Name:
Ибадуллаева Земине (Ibadullaeva Zemine)
Земине (Zemine) (aka Z3M1N3) - first lady-DJ, who playing (from 1998) Drum'n'Bass/Jungle in St.-Petersburg and Moscow, co-owner Respect Records, organizer of parties in St.-Petersburg, first Russian representative Junglistic Sistaz, the designer. Zemine also known as the extreme designer and the founder of club performances. Her collection "Impudence and Bad Taste" was represented in Griboedov and on Lennauchfil'm clubs ("Jungle VS Techno"). Zemine's articles about electronic music were published on a site music.ru and in moscow's magazine "Неформат". She issued underground culture magazine "Pathos " and there were a leading of heading "Страсти Девичьи" in the newspaper "Я молодой - в Питере".
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