Darius Klišys

Real Name:Darius Klišys

Darius Klišys (b. 1969, Lithuania) is a pioneering Lithuanian birbynist (birbynė or hornpipe is an original Lithuanian woodwind), baroque and electroacoustic music performer, audio engineer, composer, and recording artist with more than 25 albums to his name (Classical, Renaissance, Baroque, Contemporary, Electroacoustic / Experimental music). Label: 6-2 studio*. Distributors: The Orchard / Sony Music Entertainment. 6-2 studio is listed in NAXOS Music Library catalogues (13 albums released by this label have been selected for NAXOS library). Independent Record Label owner: 6-2 Studio. Distributors: THE ORCHARD / SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT.
Darius is very active in musical life, gives solo concerts and also performs with the ensemble Reversio, continues his research work in baroque and contemporary music, gives birbynė lessons, composes music for the theatre, teaches at workshops. Since 2015, Darius Klišys has been leading the international woodwind festival "Medynės", since 2023 he is a voting member of the Recording Academy / GRAMMY.
In Groups:Reversio, Kankleliai
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