(The) Melvins are a prolific rock/metal band originally formed in 1983 in Montesano, WA, relocating to San Francisco, CA in 1988, and eventually settling in Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley. The core members are Roger "Buzz" Osborne aka King Buzzo (guitar/lead vocals) and Dale Crover (drums/vocals and bass on some releases). Throughout their 40-year career they have had a rotating cast of more than 10 bass players and have released more than 20 studio albums. Their current bassist is Steven McDonald. They perform under the name "Melvins Lite" with Trevor Dunn on stand-up bass and under the name "Melvins 1983" with Dale on bass instead of drums, in reference to the early incarnation of the band circa 1983 before Dale played the drums in the band. The name Melvins came from a grocery clerk at the Thriftway in Montesano where King Buzzo served as clerk and vandal. Melvin was the most hated fellow employee and they felt it to be an appropriately ridiculous name.

Former members:
. Mike Dillard – drums (1983–1984; 2008–2015, with Melvins 1983)
. Matt Lukin – bass guitar, vocals (1983–1987)
. Lori Black (Lorax (2)) – bass guitar (1987–1991, 1992–1993)
. Joe Preston – bass guitar, vocals (1991–1992)
. Mark Deutrom – bass guitar, guitars (1993–1998)
. Kevin Rutmanis – bass guitar (1998–2005)
. Trevor Dunn – bass guitar (2005, 2007, 2009; touring only); upright bass, vocals (2011–2015, with Melvins Lite)
. Jared Warren – bass guitar, vocals (2006–2015)
. Coady Willis – drums, vocals (2006–2015)
. Jeffrey Pinkus – bass guitar, vocals (2013–2018)

Touring members:
. Tom Flynn – bass guitar (1990)
. Dave Sahijdak – bass guitar (1993)
. Billy Anderson – bass guitar (1993)
. David Scott Stone – guitars (2000–2001), bass guitar (2004–2006) , , Bandcamp , Facebook , Instagram , Wikipedia , X , YouTube
Members:Billy Anderson, Coady Willis, Dale Crover, Dave Sharp (5), David Scott Stone, Jared Warren, Jeffrey Pinkus, Joe Preston, Kevin Rutmanis, Lori Black, Mark Deutrom, Matt Lukin, Mike Dillard, Paul Leary, Roger Osborne, Steven McDonald, Trevor Dunn
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