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Lisa Cash is from San Fransisco, California. She was the vocalist of the band "Consolidated" with whom she had a top 50 college billboard chart hit. She was singing with Uwe Ochsenknecht on his 1992 tour. She toured and recorded with the "Joan Orleans Gospel Choir" in 1993, was singer of "The Bridge", sang with Nina Hagen on the "hut ab" tribute to Udo Lindenberg album and sang with the "Harlem Voices" on their production in 1996.

Lisa Cash is a studio singer in Munich, where she´s sang on the productions of "Hot Chocolate", "HULU PROJECT", "Brunner und Brunner", "David Hasselhof" and many more. She also is lead vocalist of "Zone-x" (BMG).

Lisa Cash performed with Brothers Keepers/Sisters Keepers - 2002 (with Samy Deluxe, Torch, Bantu, D-Flame, Meli, Germ, Chima, Ebony Prince, Xavier Naidoo)

In Groups:Consolidated, Odyssey (4), Sisters Keepers, X-Pander (3)
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