Marcel Fengler

Electronic music producer and DJ based in Berlin, Germany.
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OSTGUTCD27 Marcel Fengler - Fokus album art Marcel Fengler Fokus (Album) Ostgut Ton OSTGUTCD27 Germany 2013 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

o-ton09 Marcel Fengler - Playground / Early Glow album art Marcel Fengler Playground / Early Glow Ostgut Ton o-ton09 Germany 2007 Sell This Version
O-Ton 17 Marcel Fengler - Friction / Yaki album art Marcel Fengler Friction / Yaki (Maxi) Ostgut Ton O-Ton 17 Germany 2008 Sell This Version
o-ton27 Marcel Fengler - Twisted Bleach EP album art Marcel Fengler Twisted Bleach EP (EP) Ostgut Ton o-ton27 Germany 2009 Sell This Version
o-ton41 Marcel Fengler - Enigma album art Marcel Fengler Enigma (EP) Ostgut Ton o-ton41 Germany 2010 Sell This Version
MOTE017 Marcel Fengler - Thwack album art Marcel Fengler Thwack Mote-Evolver MOTE017 UK 2010 Sell This Version
IMF01 Marcel Fengler - Sphinx EP album art Marcel Fengler Sphinx EP (EP) Index Marcel Fengler IMF01 Germany 2011 Sell This Version
MOTE025D Marcel Fengler - Thwack Remixes album art Marcel Fengler Thwack Remixes Mote-Evolver MOTE025D UK 2011 Sell This Version
o-ton 60 Marcel Fengler - Frantic EP album art Marcel Fengler Frantic EP (EP) Ostgut Ton o-ton 60 Germany 2012 Sell This Version
o-ton74 Marcel Fengler - Remixes album art Marcel Fengler Remixes Ostgut Ton o-ton74 Germany 2014 Sell This Version
IMF07 Marcel Fengler - Kyu EP album art Marcel Fengler Kyu EP(12", EP) Index Marcel Fengler IMF07 Germany 2016 Sell This Version

DJ Mixes

RA.209 Marcel Fengler - RA.209 album art Marcel Fengler RA.209(File, MP3, Mixed) Resident Advisor RA.209 UK 2010
OSTGUTCD19 Marcel Fengler - Berghain 05 album art Marcel Fengler Berghain 05 (Comp) Ostgut Ton OSTGUTCD19 Germany 2011 Sell This Version
CLR Podcast 183 Marcel Fengler - CLR Podcast 183 album art Marcel Fengler CLR Podcast 183(File, MP3, Mixed, 320) CLR (2) CLR Podcast 183 Germany 2012
none Marcel Fengler - Podcast 303 album art Marcel Fengler Podcast 303(File, MP3, Mixed, 320) XLR8R none US 2013
none Marcel Fengler - Dekmantel Podcast 074 album art Marcel Fengler Dekmantel Podcast 074(File, MP3, Mixed, 320) Dekmantel none Netherlands 2016

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March 22, 2019
Marcel Fengler as a DJ and producer is a relic of a low point in Berlin history. He made terrible records and kept stinking up Berghain with his jock jams trance techno, until they fired him and destroyed all the backstock of his releases for Ostgut Ton. He tried to play in Miami but got laughed out of the booth.


March 8, 2018
I heard a rumour that when he moved away from the ostgut ton roster, it wasn't on good terms and all the backstock vinyl of Marcel's releases were destroyed, no idea if it's true or not but I thought it was quite a funny story.


February 28, 2014
edited over 7 years ago
I have to go along with Larvi's comment here. He's given less time and space under the spotlight than Ben Klock or Marcel Dettman, meaning he's probably not as concerned with meeting expectations and magazine posing. Musically he's miles ahead of them. Some of his tracks are packed with unhinged and deranged sounds and unique, buoyant effects unimstakingly making them really memorable, and a lot more interesting than your typical white noise, bass heavy minimal banger with three swooshing percussion drops... His debut album, last year's "Fokus", was a surprise for me as a listener, as it had Marcel further widening his production eye sight: from ambience to Detroit techno tinged melody work, 6 AM electronic blues and the standard dance floor fare.

However, it's when he really gears up for dance floor assaults that his music works best. Enigma, Playground, Thwack and Hidden Empire are some of the more prominent examples of his take on peak time club techno. Hard, raw, meticulously produced, and they all have a sound structure which enables them to stand out. There is always that extra ingredient, layer that you can refer to, and associate to the track you want to mention. The high-end bits of Playground, the eerie, shrilly melodic sweeps of Sphinx, or the scathing, nervous synth stabs on Stampede. You could not mistake those colossal cymbal clashes on Thwack with any other piece of work. Even his more conventional productions, like the "Frantic EP" for example, deploy funky melody work, like on the kaleidoscopic Mosaique, or 6 In A Row where harmony meets dance floor rugedness. So far he released seven 12" singles (I am not counting the two remix packs) and I must say they are all worth it. On each and every one, there is at least one track which I consider a keeper. The pinnacles, at the time of writing this, are "Thwack" on Luke Slater's Mote-Evolver power house and "Enigma" on Ostgut Ton, Marcel Fengler's spiritual home.

From one angle, I'd like for him to gain more recognition, although for the time being, it's maybe for the better that his low key personality and sparse work rate do all the talking. He could be cashing in on all the Berghain and Ostgut hype, yet he's keeping both feet attached to the ground, releasing carefully woven, intricate and interesting techno music. Not a legend, or a producer of let's say Tony Child's or Jochem Paap's caliber, but certainly two steps above his Berghain counterparts in my opinion... Keep it up.


September 24, 2012
Most underrated Berghain resident by far.

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