Heyme Langbroek

Real Name:
Heyme Langbroek
Picked up a trumpet in 1978, followed by a guitar in 1984 (which he painted pink), a tenor sax in 1992. Never really forgave his parents for getting rid of the piano in the living room before being deemed old enough to play it.
Was jamming with Rudy Trouvé in the Heaven Hotel cellar from 1992. Sometimes came out of there to do some live improvised gigs which turned into Kiss My Jazz. Released a bunch of cassettes, cds and a 7" vinyl with these, and joined Lionell Horrowitz & His Combo in time for the movie-tour with Dave's Great Idea, and being released on "Au Bain Marie", Quotes: “quite a nice CD which I still actually play”. After finished with Kiss My Jazz went back to the improvisational roots playing with IH8 Camera, a 100% improvising band with fluctuating members on stage. Craig Ward recorded the sessions, mixed some good bits, and turned them into CD's to release.
Ended up in IT for some reason, never stopped playing though. Now gathered a bunch of attic recordings over the years, and released these on Noise From The Attic, his first solo CD.
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JF055 Heyme Langbroek - Noise From The Attic album art Heyme* Noise From The Attic (Album) Jezus Factory Records JF055 UK 2019 Sell This Version
JF069 Heyme Langbroek - Moving On album art Heyme* Moving On(LP, Ltd) Jezus Factory Records JF069 UK 2021 Sell This Version
JF070 Heyme Langbroek - Escape Velocity album art Heyme* Escape Velocity(CD, Ltd) Jezus Factory Records JF070 UK 2021 Sell This Version


JF048 Heyme Langbroek - Reverberations From Prague album art Heyme* Reverberations From Prague(CDr) Jezus Factory Records JF048 UK 2019 Sell This Version