Capitolo 6


Italian rock band of the early 1970's.
These had origins in the 60's beat bands Gli Eremiti (from Viareggio) and I Rangers (from Livorno), becoming Capitolo 6 (Chapter 6) setting up base in Rome in 1970. The original band was 6 piece (as pictured here), although only 5 piece line-up is known: Riccardo Bartolotti (vocals, guitar, flute), Luciano Casa (acoustic guitar, drums, vocals), Jimmy Santerini (keyboards, vocals), Mauro Romani (bass), and Lorenzo Donati (drums, vocals). The debut single shows their beat/pop roots.
By the time of their LP, later in the same year, the line-up had changed to a leaner quartet with new keyboard player Antonio Favilla and drummer Giovanni Galli whose style of angular beats was more what you'd expect from a Krautrock band. The strangely titled "Frutti Per Kagua" [Fruit For Kagua] (Kaguans were a North American Indian race) is one of a kind, mixing classical prog, with hard-rock, and occasionally almost Krautrock rhythms, hints of I Teoremi, New Trolls, and let's not forget the obligatory Jethro Tull mention.
Members:Jimmy Santerini, Lorenzo Donati, Loriano Berti, Mauro Romani, Riccardo Bartolotti
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