Billy Woods

Real Name:
F. Porter


1 Billy Woods - Camouflage album art Billy Woods Camouflage Backwoodz Studioz 1 US 2003 Sell This Version
74701448342 Billy Woods - The Chalice album art Billy Woods The Chalice(CD, Album) Backwoodz Studioz 74701448342 US 2004 Sell This Version
BWZ 730 Billy Woods - History Will Absolve Me (Director's Cut) album art Billy Woods History Will Absolve Me (Director's Cut) (Album) Backwoodz Studioz BWZ 730 US 2012 Sell This Version
BWZ735 Billy Woods - Dour Candy album art Billy Woods Dour Candy (Album) Backwoodz Studioz BWZ735 US 2013 Sell This Version
BWZ740LP Billy Woods - Today, I Wrote Nothing album art Billy Woods Today, I Wrote Nothing (Album) Backwoodz Studioz BWZ740LP US 2015 Sell This Version
BWZ 746 Billy Woods - Known Unknowns album art Billy Woods Known Unknowns (Album) Backwoodz Studioz BWZ 746 US 2017 Sell This Version
BWZ-755-DIGI Billy Woods - Hiding Places album art Billy Woods & Kenny Segal Billy Woods & Kenny Segal - Hiding Places (Album) Backwoodz Studioz BWZ-755-DIGI USA & Canada 2019 Sell This Version
BWZ-756-LP Billy Woods - Terror Management album art Billy Woods Terror Management (Album) Backwoodz Studioz BWZ-756-LP US 2019 Sell This Version
none Billy Woods - Brass album art Moor Mother & Billy Woods Moor Mother & Billy Woods - Brass (Album) Backwoodz Studioz none US 2020 Sell This Version
BWZ 776 Billy Woods - Aethiopes album art Billy Woods Aethiopes (Album) Backwoodz Studioz BWZ 776 US 2022 Sell This Version


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September 21, 2018
edited over 4 years ago
DJ Addikt presents Cowardly Threats & Hideous Cruelty; The Best Of billy woods -

"If you have never heard of woods before, this megamix is probably as good an introduction as any. Culled from his early solo work, group tracks [as a member of the Reavers or the other 1/2 of the Super Chron Flight Brothers], guest appearances, limited release remixes and previously unreleased material, even the most hardcore fan will find something new in the mix." - Backwoodz Studioz

If you love Hip Hop & never heard billy woods do yourself a favor & download this mix, trust me. It's over 7 years old by now but it's a must for ANY Hip Hop fan & a good introduction to billy woods as the description says.
Oh it's FREE too!!

I've been listening to Hip Hop for over 25 years & I can comfortably say billy woods is my favorite rapper ever!
Years ago when I thought independent Hip Hop was all but dead up pops this billy woods fella with a group called The Reavers, which I initially got for the Can Ox & M.I.Czars connections but woods stood out & injected new life into REAL Hip Hop.
For me he can't put a foot wrong, check out his side project Armand Hammer with (closely becoming my second favorite rapper!) ELUCID. Probably not what you'd call conventional Hip Hop, intelligent Hip Hop maybe?!
Whatever you want to call it I love it & can't get enough.

Thank you billy woods & Backwoodz Studioz, please keep up the good work.

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