Real Name:
Gregg Michael Gillis
Mash-up artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Born October 26, 1981.
GB2154 Girl Talk - Pittsburgh Hearts album art Grand Buffet Cool As Hell (as Girltalk) Grand Buffet - Pittsburgh Hearts(CD, EP) Not On Label GB2154 US 2003 Sell This Version

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August 4, 2017
If you like shit music combined with good music this is for you. If you don't like shit music even when it's mashed up with something good, go somewhere else. This is utter tripe.


August 7, 2015
In my opinion, the best cut up/ mash up artist around. What this man does takes an open ear and the ability to take keys, chords and melodies and assign them perfectly with other tracks. Not to mention that it takes time and patience to hone in on that skill set and the software being used. To be able to mash-up 6 songs at a time is more than just a craft, its a definite musical ability. I love what he does. It was very unique for a time. You can surely listen as he progresses his talent through each of his albums. Although its just him, a laptop, and maybe a drum machine while playing live. He has an amazing stage presence that keeps ticket holders going wild for the entirety of the show. If you enjoy listening FOR mixes, where they start and stop, if there is "looping" involved... things like that... His albums will keep you busy and having fun for months.


August 26, 2008
The future of pop music, or even pop entertainment and partying, is here, no less.
To make a cooking analogy : like any good, 5-star chef, GT mixes ingredients that could sound too simple or dull or totally uncompatible isolated, but finally taste like heaven when put together in the right measure.
This guy Gregg Gillis can make Journey or Ace Of Base elements sound uberdope, with a special craft for the best hiphop accapella placement in the history of mash-ups, thanks in part to the evolved technologies available (Audiomulch apparently in his case) but mostly to his otherworldy ability to spot the right bit in any song and wonderfully combine the whole.
Anyway this is beyond any nerdy discussion about mixing/non-mixing/mash-ups etc...
Truth is, this guy is currently creating a meta-oeuvre that goes through all supports (demented live, amazing video assemblages equivalent to the sounds etc) ; that is like the ultimate homage to 40 years of mass popular music, twisting and revealing the life into the most formatted stuff out there, putting most of these songs back where they belong : a simple, humble, passive part of a whole entertaining system that in real life can be seen as hegemonic and brainwashing, but that GT turns into something positive, thrilling, fun and ultimately entertaining, so much greater than the sum of its parts.
IMO, that makes him one of the greatest pop-art-ists of our times (2008 that is), that puts to shame all the other musicians and DJs playing in the same "trash/pop culture referenced" fields who mostly fail on too much irony or "litteral" treatment ; or lacking his unbelievable technological abilities (ie 2Many DJs, Justice etc).
I am truly amazed.


December 8, 2007
Gregg Gillis makes music that makes you think. Not in the sense that classical music is supposed to make you smarter, but in the sheer speed and fragmentation of his music. He is a purveyor of Plunder-phonics to the highest level, with the utmost craft. The result is music that is catchy and fun, but the whole time you're trying to place the samples and guess what comes next. Unlike Illegal Art label-mate Oh Astro who focuses on a few specific songs to make each new track, Girl Talk makes songs from a dizzying collection of pop music samples. And if you thought his studio music is impressive, you should see him mixing live.

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