John Reynolds

John Reynolds

Real Name:John Charles Reynolds

John Reynolds is a producer, writer and musician based in London, UK. Owns and operates 18d Studio, as well a New Air Studios / New Aer Studios

John's musical career began with drumming and percussion, when he toured the world to perform with the ground-breaking bassist Jah Wobble. He has since worked closely with Peter Gabriel, Natacha Atlas and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Adam Ant, Simply Red, Bjork and U2.

Over the years, John has also been one of Sinead O'Connor's staunchest supporters and collaborators, Previously married to Sinead, he's worked - and continues to work - with her as a writer, producer, and performer. Credits include The Lion and The Cobra, I Do Not Want What I Have Not Got, Universal Mother (for which he was nominated as Q Producer of the Year), and the Gospel Oak EP. More recently, John also collaborated with Brian Eno to produce tracks for Faith and Courage.

John's other production and performance credits include Sunhouse's Crazy on the Weekend, which was immediately declared "a classic" by Uncut Magazine, and Come on Now Social by The Indigo Girls. Also, in a slight shift of direction, John played on Bjork's single, Play Dead. ,
In Groups:Friction Groove, Ghostland, Jah Wobble's Invaders Of The Heart, Max (31), Peace Together
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