The Immediate All-Stars


English blues combo active in 1965.
The group was started after Cyril Davies And His Rhythm And Blues All Stars became defunct due to Cyril Davies' death in 1964. These later recordings are credited as The Immediate All-Stars due to their releases on Immediate Records. In 1999, the group reformed as the Carlo Little All-Stars.

Around eighteen months after Cyril Davies' death, Jimmy Page brought together former All-Stars Nicky Hopkins, Carlo Little and Cliff Barton to record with him and Jeff Beck. Together they recorded five original tracks, with Hopkins taking the lead on "Piano Shuffle", Beck on "Chuckles" and "Steelin'", and Page on "Down in the Boots" and "L.A. Breakdown". The first track from this session to be issued was "Steelin'", although its initial release was not credited to the group. London fashion photographer David Anthony (7) (under the pseudonym 'Charles Dickens') recorded a cover of The Rolling Stones' "So Much in Love" for Immediate Records, which was released as a single in 1965 featuring "Steelin'" as the B-side under the title "Our Soul Brother TH", credited solely to Dickens. The rest of the tracks from this session would eventually get their first release in 1968, alongside "Steelin'", properly credited to 'The All-Stars featuring...' on the Immediate compilation album Blues Anytime Vol.3 - An Anthology Of British Blues.

In June 1965, Jimmy Page invited Eric Clapton to join him in a jam session at his home studio on Miles Road in London, and the two guitarists recorded seven instrumental tracks together: "Choker", "Draggin' My Tail", "Freight Loader", "Miles Road", "Snake Drive", "Tribute to Elmore" and "West Coast Idea". Page and Clapton were both of the opinion that the tracks they recorded were merely rehearsals rather than fully formed songs, but representatives of Immediate Records soon approached Page informing him that they legally owned the publishing rights to all recordings he made as per the terms of their contract. Page reluctantly gave them the recordings of the jam session in fear of a lawsuit and was asked to clean them up by adding overdubs, which he recorded that August at Olympic Studios with a new lineup of the All-Stars. This time, the group featured members of The Rolling Stones: Mick Jagger, Bill Wyman, Ian Stewart and Charlie Watts (credited as Chris Winters (9)), facilitated by the Stones' manager, Andrew Loog Oldham, who was also Immediate Records' co-founder. This was seen by Clapton as a betrayal of confidence on Page's part, and greatly damaged the personal relationship between the two guitarists for years to follow.

The All-Stars featuring Jeff Beck
Jimmy Page – guitar, production
Jeff Beck – guitar
Nicky Hopkins – piano
Cliff Barton – bass
Carlo Little – drums

The Immediate All-Stars
Jimmy Page – guitar, production
Eric Clapton – guitar (original jam session)
Mick Jagger – harmonica (overdubs)
Ian Stewart – piano (overdubs)
Bill Wyman – bass (overdubs)
Charlie Watts, credited as Chris Winters – drums (overdubs)

Aliases:Jeff Beck & All Stars
Members:Carlo Little, Cliff Barton, Jeff Beck, Nicky Hopkins




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