The Convulsions


The Convulsions were a hardcore punk band from Bradford, West Yorkshire UK, from 1982-1984. They recorded two cassette releases and had the track Media Punx released on the 1 In 12 Club album 'Enemies Of The State' in 1984.

Tony 'Stan' Flaherty - vocals, replaced by Tony Palmer, 1984
Phil 'Heystack' Hey - guitar
Kenny Armitage - bass
Matt Webster - drums

Kenny went on to be in The Skidmarks 1984-86 and Threshold Shift (1990-1996, 2000-2012, 2019-present)
Phil Hey was in Threshold Shift (2000-2012) and Psychlona
Tony 'Stan' Flaherty was a bongo blayer for the Vegetable Section
Matt Webster played drums for numerous bands , including Western Dance, Primate, Roger Higgins Band, Zed, Kwai Chang Caine, Grim, The Psurgeons, Signia Alpha as well as founding Mutiny 2000 Records in 1998.

Members:Kenny Armitage, Matt Webster (3), Phil Hey (2), Tony Flaherty
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