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Dancing Fantasy Expansive09

January 6, 2019
Music like this crap is what in my opinion destroyed the "INNOVATIVE" part of IC which began as a pioneering electronic label by Klaus Schulze(good for him selling the label before it became a greedy parasite on consumers with exception of a few releases like Western Spaces). Cheap dime store soft jazz made on synthesizers with an occasional guitar or cheese-ball sax solo thrown in for good measure. Music designed for passing kidney stones or perhaps designed to force one to jump off the Eiffel tower headfirst so your ears can stop themselves from bleeding. Utterly painful music!
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Dancing Fantasy DominicSimard

October 11, 2021
Hey Dancing Fantasy is my favorite band and I haven't killed myself yet. I guess they're not that bad.

Dancing Fantasy tpz76

September 30, 2020
I agree uscu! While I am not at all an IC guru, nor claim to be, when I discovered D.F. a few years back I was blown away by their ability to make me visualize their music. I drove through the desert from dusk till dark listening to Moonlight Reflections and I could not have picked a better album to set the mood.

Dancing Fantasy uscu

February 26, 2019
This is just not professional to write something like this. You know nothing about IC! Dancing Fantasy besides that it was a top-notch smooth jazz band was the leader in sales for many years - hundreds of thousands sales - and it could support the production of such projects as Software, Mind-Flux, Mind Over Matter, Venja, Symbian, Walter Christian Rothe, Hesse & Drewes, Burkard Schmidl, Interface, Magec, Patrick Kosmos, ARNO, Ultrabass most of which are today's legendary names and leaders of European EM. Period.

Dancing Fantasy faizalsaid01

May 15, 2015
The most precise and professional band ever. I have a Bang & Olufsen set at home and when i play their music ... they makes it perfect !!!!