Vasectomy Leftovers

Vasectomy Leftovers

Real Name:
Originally formed in 1989 under the name Nekro-Feelia by Josh McCurdy + Dan Seida while the two attending jr. high school in Southern California. Early musical influences ranged from "Enslavement"-era Napalm Death to Crass' "Best Before", to pre-"Black album" Metallica + Discharge. Lyrical examples of the time were primarily focused on impossible absurdist scatological satire, with later examples being much more heavily focused on vagueness + emotions.

1991 saw the duo complete a C-60 cassette on McCurdy's label Hot Damn! Tapes, called "Sex, Drugs, Murder... Art!!", and limited to an agonizing 5 copies. All tracks were recorded live on a ghetto blaster at the home of McCurdy's Grandparents. In 1993, the duo returned with the "Choking On Dental Dams" cassette, which was again recorded live on a ghetto blaster at the home of McCurdy's Grandparents, and released by Hot Damn! Tapes, and limited to around 5 copies. As for instruments, the duo did not use acoustic drums on their first 2 albums. But rather, they recorded all drum parts live using a Yamaha DD6 drum machine, + later, a Yamaha DD7 drum machine. The duo also changed their name, from Nekro-Feelia, to Vasectomy Leftovers, due to a glut of bands with similar "Necro" names within the underground tape-trading scene of the time

However in 1994, while attending High School, the duo once again changed their name... this time to Dive!. They recorded their first 4-track studio sessions that year, completing the "Bloop!" cassette, which was released by Hot Damn! Tapes, and limited to 30 copies. It was also the first album by the group that did away with the drum machine altogether (replacing it with a real drum kit). It showcased McCurdy's earliest true-compositional examples, which all were still very basic + primitive at the time, at least in McCurdy's own recollection. "Dan was essentially learning to play the drums at the same time the tape was recording. And we rarely did a second take of anything we ever recorded. Recording our improvisations was just how we wrote our music. Mistakes included.".

Vasectomy Leftovers Discography Tracks


CGR-5 Vasectomy Leftovers Bloop(13xFile, MP3, Album, 320) Completely Gone Recordings CGR-5 2007
CGR-1 Vasectomy Leftovers Nekro-Feelia(28xFile, FLAC, MP3, WAV, 320) Completely Gone Recordings CGR-1 US 2007
CGR-7 Vasectomy Leftovers The Pyre(13xFile, MP3, Album, RE, RM, 320) Completely Gone Recordings CGR-7 2007


CGR-3 Vasectomy Leftovers Sex, Drugs, Murder... Art!(10xFile, MP3, 320) Completely Gone Recordings CGR-3 2007