Lum Col Con Pix

Lum Col Con Pix

Essentially an exercise in textural soundscaping, Lum Col Con Pix involves DJing with six turntables (or as many as are available), lifting the style slightly from the surface of the records and harnessing the natural warp in the records to capture irregular glitch loops of sound, layering these to create dense textures of musical noise. Using no samplers, effects, overdubs or technological trickery, Lum Col Con Pix focus on exploring the interaction between needle and vinyl, staying firmly with the physical medium and creating startling effects using only manipulations that can be made by hand. Staying true to the process, every piece is an exact recording of an improvised live performance with no post-production or alteration


Lum Col Con Pix Discography


transform004 Lum Col Con Pix Lum Col Con Pix(Lathe, LP, Ltd) Fourier Transform transform004 UK 2005 Sell This Version