Irene Cara

Irene Cara

Real Name:
Irene Cara Escalera
American pop-dance singer, songwriter and actress, born 18 March 1959 in New York City, New York, USA.
Best known for two movie themes she wrote and performed, "Fame" and the Academy Award-winning "Flashdance... What A Feeling".
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Irene Cara Discography


SD 1566 Gary William Friedman / Will Holt, Irene Cara, Beverly Ann Bremers* Gary William Friedman / Will Holt, Irene Cara, Beverly Ann Bremers* - The Me Nobody Knows - Original Cast Recording (Album) Atlantic SD 1566 Canada 1970 Sell This Version
MI 4120 Irene Cara / Linda Clifford Irene Cara / Linda Clifford - Fame The Digest Sample For Record Shop(LP, Album, Smplr, S/Edition) RSO MI 4120 Japan 1980 Sell This Version
25AP 2473 Irene Cara Anyone Can See (Album) Epic, Epic 25AP 2473 Japan 1982 Sell This Version
40-25730 Irene Cara What A Feelin' (Album) Geffen Records, Network Records (2) 40-25730 Europe 1983 Sell This Version
96 07241 Irene Cara Carasmatic (Album) Elektra 96 07241 Canada 1987 Sell This Version

Singles & EPs

1245 Irene Cara Makin' Love With Me / You Will Not Lose(12", Single) Festival (4) 1245 US 1979 Sell This Version
2141 287 Linda Clifford / Irene Cara Linda Clifford / Irene Cara - Red Light / Hot Lunch Jam (Single) RSO 2141 287 Australia 1980 Sell This Version
RS 1048 Irene Cara Out Here On My Own (Single) RSO RS 1048 US 1980 Sell This Version
RS 1034 Irene Cara Fame (Single, EP, Maxi) RSO RS 1034 US 1980 Sell This Version
RS 8031, 2090 519 Irene Cara Fame / Out Here On My Own(7", Single) RSO, RSO RS 8031, 2090 519 US 1980 Sell This Version
NW-47950 Irene Cara Anyone Can See / Why (Single) Network Records (2) NW-47950 US 1981 Sell This Version
NW-48011 Irene Cara My Baby (He's Something Else) (Single) Network Records (2) NW-48011 US 1982 Sell This Version
AS-11548 Irene Cara Thunder In My Heart(12", Promo) Network Records (2) AS-11548 US 1982 Sell This Version
EPCA-3272 Irene Cara Reach Out, I'll Be There(7", Single) Epic EPCA-3272 Netherlands 1982 Sell This Version
7-29257 Irene Cara You Were Made For Me (Single) Geffen Records 7-29257 US 1983 Sell This Version
7-29396 Irene Cara The Dream (Hold On To Your Dream) (Single, Maxi) Geffen Records 7-29396 US 1983 Sell This Version
812 353-1 Irene Cara Flashdance ... What A Feeling (Maxi, Single, EP) Casablanca 812 353-1 US 1983 Sell This Version
92 01960 Irene Cara Breakdance (Maxi, Single) Geffen Records, Geffen Records 92 01960 Canada 1983 Sell This Version
EPCA 3794 Irene Cara Why Me? (Maxi, Single) Geffen Records, Network Records (2) EPCA 3794 Germany 1983 Sell This Version
JC 15111 Freur / Irene Cara Freur / Irene Cara - Runaway / Why Me(7", Jukebox) CBS, Epic JC 15111 Italy 1983 Sell This Version
XDAP 93085 Irene Cara, Roman Holliday Irene Cara, Roman Holliday - Why Me? / Don't Try To Stop It(12", Promo, Smplr) CBS/Sony XDAP 93085 Japan 1983 Sell This Version
AS 5000 655 Rossana Casale / Irene Cara Rossana Casale / Irene Cara - Didin / Flashdance...What A Feeling(7", Promo) PolyGram AS 5000 655 Italy 1983 Sell This Version
7-69486 Irene Cara Girlfriends (Single) Elektra 7-69486 US 1987 Sell This Version
887 623-7 Irene Cara I Can Fly (Maxi, Single) Metronome 887 623-7 Europe 1988 Sell This Version
CD45-10570 Irene Cara And Freddie Jackson Irene Cara And Freddie Jackson - Love Survives(CD, Single, Promo) Curb Records CD45-10570 US 1989 Sell This Version


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February 3, 2016
Ms.Cara may know or have worked with some of the 'right people & scored two [ok technically 3 went US Top Ten I think] really well known 'soundtrack themes' but as for singing 'live' forget it.
I was in a bar in Glasgow, years ago [YES Scotland !] when the DJ made mention of one club, but added 'that most of you will "probably' be heading off to watch Irene Cara appearing in Bennets ?"
After asking him,he said 'Yes the Fame/Flashdance woman Would be singing there......"
To cut it short, I was feeling a little cash-strapped but had enough to dash home in a taxi and grab some spare I'd left at home.
After seeing her 'Performance' [!], I wished I'd never bothered !
I didn't wanna risk any of the records I had of hers getting damaged & I'd nothing to take just the sleeves in so I took the cassette of her 1st solo 'anyone can see' album.
She had two girls who sang/danced with her who obviously thought their outfits were V Josephine Baker-ish.
As they passed by the dressing room, I asked if they could get it signed for me, but rather snottily said, "You've been a fan for along time !", as if it were an insult ?
I say passed by, because ms.Cara took a break mid-set after running [like the clappers] through her 2 Big Hits.
She was meant to return [I think ?] for her other semi-hit 'Breakdance'...but after a looong interval the DJ must have got bored waiting [and...waiting] & just started the record.
The 2 male 'dancers' who just shimmied before came bounding out of the 'dressing room' and started to pop & lock away.
All the time staring back to see if 'the singer' was gonna turn up for her own song !
When she did Eventually dragged herself out after 'refreshments' all I can remember her doing was over-singing some tuneless R&B hippy-hoppy tune that some screamers up-front in the surprisingly small crowd whooped ad-libs to.
Then she disappeared again & despite some small but vocal cheering she never returned for an Encore.
I stood by the dressing room hoping for an autograph but did laugh when some minor 'celeb' minced up coked to the eyeballs with a 'I WILL get one' attitude.
He was very flatly was refused !
As by this time word had spread that she was NOT gonna give any out to any 'callers'.
On my way out a hour or two later having waited & waited for even a 'hello' & after seeing her leave without a word to anyone...
One of the bouncers stopped me and said the manager wants you to have THIS.
Turns out she signed 5 promo pics [only !] and since I'd stood like an idiot waiting the boss thought I 'deserved' one !
I tore it up & threw away [ie joyfully broke] the records I had by her & thought = NEVER AGAIN.
I've seen Kym Simms [who thought I 'knew' her song better than her [!], Abigail, & the gorgeous [& tiny] Sandra Edwards [as the Happy Clappers] & quite a few others.
The latter was 'amazed' I 'demanded' she do her Hi-Nrg cover of ABBA's 'The Winner Takes It All' & the second time i saw her in Glasgow she shocked the know-alls surrounding her by saying 'Out of my way...I HAVE to buy this man a drink !'
Apparently I was 'that nice' first time.
But this gal = pfffff !
The clubs owner told me afterwards that they'd booked many, many 'diva's [Sharon Redd, Loleatta etc etc] but Irene Cara was apparently 'The WORST Ever'.
I wouldn't argue with that.

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