Harry Boyle

Real Name:Harry J. Boyle

American songwriter, guitarist and singer.

Began his career in 1959 in the doo-wop group The Laurels (5).
After The Laurels disbanded, members Tommy Duffy, Harry Boyle and Tommy Morrissey formed The Echoes (2) whose single "Baby Blue" reached the top ten on Billboard in 1961.
Boyle and Morrissey would go on to collaborate in several groups and frequently co-wrote songs during the following years. Boyle went on to sign with Cashwest Productions, Inc. in the early 70s and played on Jim Croce's hit album "You Don't Mess Around With Jim".

In Groups:Flying Giraffe, Lt. Garcia's Magic Music Box, Ohio Express, Red Hook (2), The Echoes (2), The Laurels (5), The Red Hook Echoes, The Scoundrels
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