Rainer Trüby

Real Name:Rainer Trüby

Rainer Trüby lives in what many have described as the 'Pleasantville' of Germany - Freiburg, a true central European crossroads just minutes away from the borders of Switzerland and France and on the edges of the Black Forest. In fact not far from the family home of Arsene Wenger in Strasbourg. Rainer Trüby used to collect hotel matchboxes as a child - ask his mother, his collection litters her basement! In future, if attending one of his nights and in need of a light, just ask at the DJ box. Rainer Trüby is the proud owner of one of the deepest MPS collections in the world. Check the Talkin' Jazz series for more info. Rainer Trüby's Root Down in Freiburg is a top monthly mix up session. The owner of the club is a keen jazz promoter - look on the walls for photo's of previous guests, including the mighty Sun Ra. Rainer Trüby always keeps chains in his car for its tyres in case of emergency snowfalls. He is a careful driver - a recent experience with him resulted in a 13 hour drive from Val Sinestra to Zürich. I'll take the train next time, Rainer! Rainer Trüby what a guy! (Gilles Peterson - March 1999)

Sites:MySpace , Soundcloud , Facebook
In Groups:A Forest Mighty Black, Trüby Trio, Truccy
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