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The Moscow Autograph Ensemble was set up in the autumn of 1979.
In 1980 Autograph gained a professional status with the Mosconcert association. The group numbers five members: its leader Александр Ситковецкий (Alexander Sitkovetsky, guitar, vocals) educated at Moscow University and the Gnessin music college in the guitar class; Леонид Гуткин (Leonid Gutkin, bass-guitar and bassoon); Леонид Макаревич (Leonid Makarevich, keyboard instruments) — both Moscow Conservatoire alumni; Артур Беркут (Arthur Berkut, vocals and tenor saxophone] — the Gnessin music college; Виктор Михалин (Victor Mikhalin, drums and percussion) — the Moscow Conservatoire music school. Autograph play in the style that may best be described as "progressive rock".
Besides the studio work, the group nas a busy concert schedule: they have toured over a hundred Soviet cities.
In June 1981 the Ensemble had their first foreign tour in Bulgaria where they guest-performed at the gala concerts of the "Golden Orpheus" festival and had a good press for their "Truth" composition which was pronounced the best anti-war song. That was followed by concerts and TV appearances in the GDR, then bach in Bulgaria, then Hungary and Czechoslovakia.
In 1983 Autograph was made laureate of the 7th USSR variety Artists' Competition.
Сергей Криницын (Sergei Krinitsyn) was a drummer during 1990-1991. , YouTube , Wikipedia , Wikipedia
Members:Александр Зейгерман, Александр Ситковецкий, Андрей Моргунов, Артур Беркут, Артур Михеев, Виктор Михалин, Владимир Якушенко, Крис Кельми, Леонид Гуткин, Леонид Лебедев, Леонид Макаревич, Николай Шевченко (3), Руслан Валонен, Сергей Криницын, Сергей Мазаев, Сергей Рылеев, Феликс Гиршин, Юрий Фишкин, Юрий Цурков
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