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Real Name:Petra

Petra is a Christian hard rock/AOR band from Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA, that was formed in 1972.

A pioneering band of the Christian rock and CCM genres. The band took its name from the Greek word for "rock". Though formally disbanding in 2006, incarnations of Petra have played reunion shows in the years since.

The five members who spearheaded the band's rise to prominence in the 1980's reuniting to tour as Classic Petra. Most recently, John Schlitt is serving as frontman for 2022-2023's 50th Anniversary Tour.

Founding members:
Greg Hough - Vocals, Guitar
Bob Hartman - Vocals, Guitar
John DeGroff - Bass
Bill Glover - Drums

Last line-up (at retirement in 2005):
John Schlitt - Vocals
Bob Hartman - Guitar
Greg Bailey - Bass
Paul Simmons - Drums

Petra has been a very influential band in the Christian music scene. Two tribute albums and six youth choir albums (four in English and two in Spanish) using their music have been released:
Various - Never Say Dinosaur (1996)
Various - Petra Tributo Continental (2021)
John Lee (18) - The Petra Youth Choir Collection (1984)
John Lee (18) - Petra Youth Choir Collection 2 (1987)
Gary Rhodes (2) - The Petra Collection (1991)
Robert Sterling - Just Reach Out: Youth Choir Collection Featuring The Music Of Petra (1994)
Various - La Colección De Petra En Español (1993)
Various - La Colección Coral De Petra 2 (1995) , , YouTube , , , , Wikipedia , Facebook ,
Aliases:Classic Petra
Members:Bill Glover, Bob Hartman, Cristian Borneo, David Lichens, Greg Bailey (3), Greg Hough, Greg X. Volz, Jim Cooper (4), John DeGroff, John Lawry, John Schlitt, John Slick, Kevin Brandow, Lonnie Chapin, Louie Weaver, Mark Kelly (8), Paul Simmons (7), Pete Orta, Quinton Gibson, Rob Frazier
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