Norman Cook

Real Name:Norman Quentin Cook (born Quentin Leo Cook — name changed by deed poll in 2002)

Brighton (UK)-based DJ, producer, artist and label owner, who has enjoyed UK chart hits under more pseudonyms than anyone else.

Born 31 July 1963 Bromley, England. He first came to public attention in the mid-80s as bassist of popular indie guitar band The Housemartins, but was already DJing and producing dance music on the side. Began recording solo when the Housemartins split in 1988, before forming the group Beats International, who had a UK number one hit, "Dub Be Good To Me". Whether recording jazz-funk with Freakpower, euphoric house as Pizzaman or sample-heavy big beat as Fatboy Slim, Cook has always been a producer with a commercial ear. , Facebook , MySpace , X , Wikipedia
Aliases:Attack Hamster, Charlie Stains, Cheeky Boy, Chemistry (4), Fatboy Slim, Quentox, Son Of A Cheeky Boy, Sunny Side Up, The Feelgood Factor, Urban All Stars, Yum Yum Head Food
In Groups:Africa Express, Beats International, Double Trouble (6), Freak Power, Fried Funk Food, Mighty Dub Katz, Pizza Prodz, Pizzaman, Rockaway Three, The Brighton Port Authority, The Housemartins
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