Punk Rock band from New York City formed in 1975 by Sonny Vincent.

1977: Testors performs shows in N.Y.C. at CBGB's and Max's Kansas City with The Cramps, Dead Boys and others and a tours in the East Coast of the U.S. .
1979: U.S. tour with Dead Boys.
1980: Testors releases their only record, the 7" "Time Is Mine / Together" and disbanded the same year.
All the other stuff were released posthumously.

In 2004 Sonny Vincent showed at Chicago Blackout fest as Testors with members of Rocket From The Crypt.
In April 2011 Testors reunited with the original line-up: Sonny, Gene, Jeff and Ken for a show in New York City.

Sonny Vincent -vocals, guitar
Gene Sinigalliano -guitar
Gregory R (alias Gregory Lapina) -drums [1975-1978]
Jeff West (alias Jeff Couganhaur) -drums [1978-1980]
Rex Pharaoh (alias Ron Pieniak) -bass [1978]
Kenneth Brighton (alias Kenneth Huebner) -bass [1979-1980]

Sites:Facebook , MySpace
Members:Gene Sinigalliano, Gregory Lapina, Jeff Cougar, Jeff West (4), Kenneth Brighton, Ron Pieniak, Sonny Vincent




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