Armin van Buuren as reviewed by vibrasphere

February 26, 2019
The guy ripped off Hanz Zimmer twice in a year, both Inception and Interstellar soundtracks... One of them has over 200 million views and is tagged as psy-trance. Kill me now.

Armin van Buuren DeepestTempest

March 22, 2019
There has got to be a smurf running around causing all the trouble. Time to get my mallet to squash the smurf into blue jelly.

Armin van Buuren Scanner

November 21, 2018
Copy/paste of my comment about Tiesto. Simply replace the Name Tiesto with AvB:
"Haha, what is all this whining of his fanboys? And now ranting and cursing around about him because he...."changed".
Yes, I also liked tracks and mix-CDs. But when he changed, I didn't give a f...ish and moved on myself! There are so many good producers and DJs out there, I don't care if he changed or not.
All of you grumbling and accusing his "betrayal", get over the fact that your hero doesn't want to be your hero any more - or the hero for others :-D"

Armin van Buuren KayX

July 6, 2018
Arnin used to be a great trance DJ and producer but with his music that he's releasing over the last few years it keeps me asking what happened? It turned all in commercial, boring sh*t.

Armin van Buuren Nutti

October 17, 2018
Agree with you. Armin used to be great, artistic, visionary, experimental, superb trance producer and mixer. Very rich guy (musically) and did things in his own unique style. All that is left now is these shortened 3min commercial hard-core dumb-dumb tracks that are produced like it was coming from an automatic factory of sorts and his audience was a bunch of moronic teens. Is this intentional? Since 2013 or so he's lost it. Remember when tracks used to run over 6 minutes and you were gasping for air for it sounded so rich and beautiful? Armin as the artist has left this world. A shadow of him remains for the sake of making more money. The State Of Trance series has become moronic. Ok, I was being a bit theatretical here on purpose, but there is truth to what I'm saying. It's not the same anymore and it's not me who has changed. When I'm listening to the old tracks I'm still surprised how good that stuff is compared to anything he's doing now.

Armin van Buuren Yuukaa_Sa

August 28, 2018
edited 9 months ago
He actually made a good Trance track finally "Armin Van Buuren Pres. Rising Star - Just As You Are"
Not sure how you feel about this one, but really takes me back to the 2008-2010 period of vocal trance which i love :)

Armin van Buuren as reviewed by deviant2k

January 6, 2017
Armin wins the award for the most overrated trance DJ ever.

Armin van Buuren as reviewed by tonumaa

November 9, 2015
Armin, take some lsd, it will help

Armin van Buuren Daniel_Johansson

December 18, 2015
Armin go home and listen to some Oldschool REAL trance music for sure! Let's begin with Etnica / Pleiadians, Technossomy and Green Nuns Of The Revolution...Then take a snap, Figure out what's music should be about = Not money!

Armin van Buuren as reviewed by Animusvox

March 23, 2015
Armin was one of the biggest legends in the world of the electronic music, but now he changed his style because he wants to appeal the new kids and the new sounds of electronic music. Since his first productions to 'Intense', his 5th album, he was doing good things (Yeah, I know that 'Mirage' or 'Imagine' are kinda poppy, but both are good albums). Then he started to incorporate a lot of Big Room Trance sounds to his productions and sounding more a more boring and commercial. But he's smart and he knows that his truly public is the trance family, so now he's working on his 6th album (he says that it will be a comeback to his roots), and at the same time he's working on his first album of GAIA with Benno de Goeij, and he released a new song of Rising Star. With the time we will see if he's coming back or it was something temporary.

Armin van Buuren ColonelTirpitz

July 6, 2014
And another so called DJ that has the urge to change its roots from good to bad music ( commercial ones that the mass like without even apreciate it anymore ! ) .

Yes Mr. Armin van Buuren as Dj Tiesto and Paul Oakenfold those so called DJ's who's nowadays ruins the nice great times of what real music was such as ( Techno, Rave, Trance, Acid, House, Drum&Bass ,...) . Nowadays we need to listen to cheesy boring music and that RnB over and over and as if it isn't enough we need to hurt our ears with sad music from those reality TV shows another commercialisation !

Where are all those famous clubs alot of them disapeared ' sadly '
Where are all those famous DJ's you could talk with them , watch them closely ( nowadays those clowns such as David Guetta, Armin, Tiesto, etc.. Need silly body guards ) how sad
Where are all those Record Stores you could stay whole afternoons listening to records and even have the chance to see a dj enter the store WOOW ! ( nowadays we have this ITunes stuff who's so cold and without emotions so anti-social ) again so sad !
Where are all those people who enjoyed real music ' any styles ' ? ( nowadays alot people are deaf ) sighs ....
.... I hope a day again all will be magic as before !!!

Armin van Buuren Yuukaa_Sa

February 28, 2015
Amen! So true and agree with everything you wrote. It's basically the reason why in 2015 I have decided to just retire from EDM and focus on old tunes from 1997-2014!

Armin van Buuren imsopickled

December 24, 2014
Well put. Sadly it's all about the money. As the money rises they tune quality declines. I used to revel in turning up my musical fidelity amp to a Trance Genius. But sadly he seems to have ended up with a lobotomy and it's a thing of the past...

Armin van Buuren Jarren

July 13, 2014
Well said, sir!

Armin van Buuren SLAWEK.PL

June 1, 2014
thank you armin for many GREAT productions like:
Armin vs. M.I.K.E. - pound,Armin vs. M.I.K.E. - intruder,Armin van Buuren - control freak,Armin van Buuren - blue fear, Perpetous Dreamer - the sound of goodbye. He was always much more better producer than Tiesto! now it's the same situation! Tiesto now makes extremely crappy electro-house,Armin Now Makes only crappy pop-house: )

Armin van Buuren JurassicTrance

January 19, 2015
I disagree. Tiesto is responsible for many excellent productions. I'll agree that Tiesto sold out sooner than Armin, and these days they aren't who they used to be.

Armin van Buuren as reviewed by youseif

December 21, 2010
Armin now seems unable to make anything without Benno de Goeij (even his gaia project)... yeah that's right.
i think that this is the third year since the beginning of their collaborations. i actually liked Armin's productions before that.
i don't know what happened or for how long he will continue making tracks like that, but i don't like a producer to have someone write his music for him.

Armin van Buuren Groider

November 12, 2011
All his Gaia songs are produced by Armin alone. Benno de Goeij helped produce his last 2 albums but before that it was all Armin.

Armin van Buuren as reviewed by Raijin

December 30, 2004
edited over 14 years ago
Number 3 in the world according to mixmag, the guy has to be doing something right.

I was dubious when i first decided to listen to Armin. Being of a strong disposition to harder styles of trance and tracks with more tech or acid influence, it was an exercise in open-mindedness to sit down and actually listen to his tracks. Blue Fear was my first exposure to him, which i enjoyed alot. However, i didn't really become enthralled with any of his music until I heard his live stuff. His "A State of Trance" radio show really shows you his talents. Thats a two hour set every week, with some sweet track selections that have influenced the trance vinyl going into my crate over the past two years. His style is consistent through his sets; emulating the old Tiesto & Ferry Corsten sound with a softer edge, while still adding that elusive elemnt that can only be attributed to Armin himself.

I'm going to keep my eye on this guy, I don't know enough about him yet, but i haven't heard anything negative. Let's hope he carves his own niche without turning into an Oakenfold.